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TV commentators explain the Republican victory in the Virginia elections as white supremacy in action.  But, wait a minute, the new Lieutenant Governor-Elect Winsome Sears is a black woman.  Well, the commentators say, she’s a white supremacist, too.  That explains everything, doesn’t it?

A Rutgers professor, a black woman, calls white people “villains”.  “We gotta take these mother [effers] out,” she says.  Doesn’t leave a lot to talk about, does it?

A professor at UCLA was suspended for refusing to give his black students higher grades simply because they’re black.  He was eventually reinstated, but not before he received death threats and the school caved to the Woke mob and apologized for his actions.

Cori Bush, a member of Congress and Black Lives Matter activist, claims fossil fuels are killing millions of people and promoting violence in black and brown communities. They are “a striking example of white supremacy,” she says.  Which, carried to its logical conclusion, means you can’t even turn on a lightbulb without being racist.  I guess that means black and brown people instantly become white supremacists every time they turn on the lights.  Well, shame on them!

Loudon County public schools in Virginia are teaching 6-year-olds they are evil because they were born white.  Let’s see if I’ve got this right.  The 6-year-olds are guilty of original sin and can’t be redeemed until they pay a bunch of money and get absolved by the high priests of diversity training who are making a killing putting guilt trips on people.

The original sin metaphor also occurred to John McWhorter, a black liberal whose new book criticizes wokeness as a fake religion. “At a certain point, you’re supposed to stop using logic and you’re just supposed to, for example, believe. You’re just supposed to have faith. That is the way this new anti-racism goes in many cases,” McWhorter says.

Regarding original sin, McWhorter says, “the way we talk about white privilege is eerily consonant with the way one talks about original sin. You have it from the beginning, it’s a stain that you’ll never get rid of. You’re supposed to always think about it. It’s there regardless of the condition of your life, and you’re going to die with it. So white privilege becomes the original sin that you’re supposed to live in a kind of atonement for.”

Exactly.  Well, excuse me for living.  I don’t do guilt trips and I don’t need to atone for the way I was born.  So to the professional race hustlers and the Woke mob I say, take your insults and shove’em!  No one wants better race relations in this country than I do.  I think they’re poisonous, with plenty of blame to go around.  But there is one sure-fire way to make them worse – call all white people villains and say we all need to be taken out.  Don’t be surprised if the 2022 midterm elections go the way Virginia’s did this year.  People, including minority parents who stand up at school boards to oppose critical race theory, have just about had enough of your nonsense.  You want to talk about legitimate grievances, fine.  You want to insult half the country for no good reason, you’re hurting your cause.

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