DC-G elementary school allows K-4 grade students to check out controversial book, but block author of book’s website due to ‘content’

A fourth-grade student checked out a book called “George” from a Dallas Center-Grimes elementary school. The book is about a transgender kid “coming into their own.”

The book, which has been involved in controversy across the country, is available in the library and accessible to students as young as kindergarten.

Of note, the author’s website is blocked on district computers due to its contents. Yet the auth

One reviewer said the book has “no business” even being published let alone in school libraries.

“All this book does is to instill ideas into our children’s minds.”

Another wrote:

“This is just propaganda. Not actual good writing or about bullying. The subject matter is way too aggressive for its audience, unless you believe in promoting porn to kids.”

“I get that the author’s intent is to help that fraction of a percent of individuals who suffer from gender dysphoria feel like they are not alone. However, the content is way too adult than I would allow for any kid younger than 16…The most challenging part of this book is the cavalier way in which the author presents overly-simplistic and one-sided perspectives to kids — e.g. that hormones and surgery can ‘turn you into a girl.’ This author is anything but careful.”

“My daughter brought this book home from her elementary school library. This is age-inappropriate to the point of being straight-up creepy. I know that since it’s about a transgender person, everyone on the liberal side feels compelled to say how great it is, but come on … porn references, talking about chopping off genitals, kids trying on each other’s underwear … even if you want to support transgender people surely at some point there must be a line where you acknowledge the sexual topics are just too adult for a third grader! Here are some excerpts, examples of what I mean:

*She immersed her body in the warm water and tried not to think about what was between her legs, but there it was, bobbing in front of her.

*”That’s it.” Scott grinned, oblivious to George’s panic. “That’s my little bro! Growing up and looking at dirty magazines!”

*”Hey, Rick. It looks like someone’s finally start to grow some balls.”

*There was nothing George dreaded more than when boys talked about what was in her underpants.

*”Dude, I thought you had porn or something in there, so I took a peek.”

*”So, like, do you want to”–he made a gesture with two fingers like a pair of scissors–“go all the way?” George squeezed her legs together. “Maybe someday,” she said.

*”I didn’t even know you had any skirts,” said George. “I don’t wear them to school. Boys are dirty and try to look up them.”

*Melissa took off her own underwear, stepped into Kelly’s, and pulled it up under her skirt. Other than the coolness of the fabric on her skin, she could barely tell she was wearing anything at all.

*She lifted her skirt to see her underwear, covered in tiny red hearts. She pulled it down, sat, and peed; just like a girl.




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