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Drake Professor Beth Younger made serious waves with some of her social media posts.

Among the controversial words from the associate professor of English, who one would think words would mean a little more to:

“I was just pondering how much hatred I feel towards all the republican assholes. They need to suffer.”

“(F-word) this (bs-word). We need to vote all these republicans OUT.”

“Men are trash.”

“(F-word) off you piece of (s-word).” – Regarding U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley

“(F-word) off Charlie. Your party is the party of sedition. The party of lies.” – Regarding Charlie Kirk

“You’re a (f-ing) moron and a traitor.” – Regarding Secretary Mike Pompeo

There’s more, but the point has likely been made.

Now, whether or not Younger should lose her job for her derogatory, sexist, bigoted social media bullying is up to Drake.

But if we’re all honest, and a professor had instead written that they hate all Democrats, that Democrats need to suffer, women are trash, etc. they wouldn’t last long on a campus anywhere in America.


All we ask is that the rules are the same for everyone regardless of ideology.

Drake President Marty Martin sent an email to the campus last week. He was clearly writing in reference to Younger’s hate-filled social media posts.

Never has a 610-word letter said so little.

It isn’t that Martin’s message wasn’t good. But it completley ignored the donkey in the room.

Martin acknowledged the posts “are in conflict with values articulated in our Statement of Principles.”

But the very next sentence is almost offensive.

“The odious nature of the expression in those posts can be, and has been, interpreted by some Drake students as expressing hostility towards them because of their political persuasion.”


You mean something like admitting hatred for people based on their political beliefs and wanting them all to suffer can — CAN — be “interpreted” by “some” Drake students as expressing hostility?

This is higher education?


Nobody knows what has happened with Younger, but we know she is still listed as a faculty member of the English department.

Some how, a Google search of Des Moines Register and Beth Younger yields just one relevant result from Feb. 19, 2014.

Because had a professor at any Iowa college tweeted anything similar to hating all Democrats and wanting them all to suffer — I’m sure the Des Moines Register would ignore the story.


By all accounts, Younger is still employed at Drake. The university hasn’t said otherwise.

If true, it’s a decision that lacks any sort of moral consistency and intellectual honesty.

It’s a disgrace.

And Drake administrators should be embarrassed.

Author: Jacob Hall