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The Iowa Standard is still waiting for other Iowa media outlets to get on board with calling out the filth that has littered school libraries across our state.

While many in the media are defending these sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate materials, it is only now that some are showing a willingness to actual report on what the books contain.

KCCI, for example, allowed Gov. Kim Reynolds to read an excerpt from “All Boys Aren’t Blue.” And they included it in their interview and wrote about it.

While the reporter accused Senate President Jake Chapman of spreading a “conspiracy theory,” it’s clear truth is on the side of Chapman, Reynolds and Iowa parents.

Now, perhaps KCCI has no problem with these books being available for minors without any parental notification or consent. But if that’s the case, why did KCCI feel the need to warn adult readers about the content?


“Warning: The video above and the article both contain content that may be considered graphic.”

Now, we can tell you that Reynolds didn’t even read one of the most outlandish passages. And there are no images being shown.

The Iowa Standard has said for the last couple of months that when Iowa parents are actually presented with the passages from these books and shown the images from these books, 85-90 percent will agree the materials do not belong in Iowa classrooms.

Forget about the political layup this is for Republicans, focus on the fact it’s simply about protecting Iowa kids.

This stuff is garbage. It’s disgusting. Sen. Chapman is right — it is filth.

If it isn’t, why is KCCI suggesting the content may be considered graphic?

It would be interesting to know whether KCCI believes the content is graphic. “May be considered…” it either is or it isn’t, KCCI. Pick a side.

Again, this is about protecting Iowa kids.

A lot of people will say “this is why we homeschool” or “this is why we send our kids to private school.”

But here is the deal — this issue directly impacts you and will directly impact your kids. Because the majority of kids are receiving their education from institutions where these books are present and those providing the education seemingly see nothing wrong with it.

What is tolerated by one generation is embraced by the next and celebrated. The students in schools where these books are considered appropriate will be future employees, future employers for your kids who are receiving their education at home or in a private school where sanity still prevails.

I would also challenge public school teachers who are not OK with these materials to begin speaking out. Be bold. If you aren’t comfortable with this stuff being shown to students, say something.

There needs to be some pressure from within. Democrats want to die on this hill as evidenced by their proposed constitutional amendment stripping the Iowa legislature of the ability to establish standards for books in school libraries.

Make them own it. Show the pictures. Read the passages. Let them embrace it and justify it.

In politics, when you’re explaining, you’re losing. Democrats are good at offense because the media allows them to constantly be on offense. But when put on defense, they struggle. Why? Because nobody can actually defend this trash being in school libraries.

So keep it up.

And, while you’re at it, reach out to KCCI and ask why the disclaimer? Does KCCI believe there should be a disclaimer on the books in the libraries?

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. After hearing part of the exchange between Governor Reynolds and the KCCI reporter, I felt not only embarrassed that this material is allowed in any K-12 school library but also angry. Embarrassed because it was referred to as a “conspiracy theory” and angry because this issue has to be addressed at the legislative level. The Board of Education should have dealt with the availability of pornography to children long before now. Media sources not supportive of removing porn should remain silent on their opinion. They are hurting their own credibility. Shame on them and those that allowed this in the first place.


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