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A Linn-Mar parent put the school board on notice Monday night as she ripped recent policy decisions by the members and “formally demanded” their resignations within 30 days.

“I just want to be sure that I’m talking to the same board, right, the ones that implemented mandates without explanation, let our kids roam Marion amongst other things in order to keep COVID numbers down. Same board? Just checking,” she started. “Same board that takes partisan advice from only one party in what is supposed to be a nonpartisan role. Advice from the same people who don’t have custody of their children, included and committed fraud in actual elections, but had issues with signatures on a school board race? Chatting it up with another person who has harassment along with domestic violence charges, but let’s take advice from them.


“Same board who brought up issues like allowing miniature ponies as service animals without any regard to actual education in the school. Allowing students and staff during school hours to rally, display PDA and ignore the very education we send our children to this district to receive. Same board? Yep.

“Same board who has employed pedophiles more than one in the last five years to be exact and still employing the mother of one who was recently charged and just so happens to run the same group forcing the issue we’re all here against tonight. Not a coincidence. Same board, right?

“A group arranged to offer a safe space for those kids who no one would bother to be against if it weren’t for the incessant force of opinions, posters, rallies, bullying towards those who don’t agree and otherwise. Rallies that happen during educational hours and are impeding learning.

“And now the same board whose bringing in a rule which they believe is law, newsflash, it isn’t. Crossing lines over education into medical, which isn’t in their scope. This policy wasn’t even brought into play by any other district and yet five years after this law supposedly came into place you want to put it into policy.

“Your job is in education, you are not scientists, biologists, psychologists or otherwise. Look at your track record, guys. You’ve been whining about enrollment rates and you wonder why. Not only have your politics and indoctrination gotten in the way of our kids’ education, now you want to bring up bathrooms?”

Shortly thereafter she let’s the board know parents of the district are formally demanding their resignations within 30 days.

“You’ll unethically hide information from parents because someone can say ‘I’m a girl’ while having a penis or ‘I’m a boy’ while having a vagina and that has to be followed,” she said. “You made it crystal clear that you have not and will not take into account any safety or educational measures for our children. So do us a favor, drop the issues and walk out of this building right now.

“We the parents of Linn-Mar are formally demanding your resignation because if you can’t do what’s in the best interest of our children, we don’t want you here. You’re blatantly refusing to keep them safe, to educate them and to keep them children. You have 30 days.”

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  1. Clown energy. I graduated linn mar and let me tell you what gay and transgender kids are not the ones creating problems. It’s your cisgendered kids you’re trying to protect. They are consistently the bullies and the abusers and the attackers. We let gay guys change in our girls locker room because straight boys would rip off their clothes and harass them. Go where you feel safe.


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