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Considering that Education Savings Accounts (school choice) is an uphill climb with 60 Republicans in the Iowa House, it is clear too many Republican legislators are not paying attention to the issues that exist in Iowa schools.

Considering Iowa House Republicans are quick to rule out any possibility of criminal penalties for teachers who provide obscene materials and/or hardcore pornographic materials, it is clear too many Republican legislators are not paying attention.

Considering Iowa House Republicans are wanting to allow teachers to provide materials used in the classroom up to seven days after — AFTER — they are used, it is clear too many Republican legislators are not paying attention.

Are they not aware that some Iowa teachers signed a pledge to continue teaching Critical Race Theory despite state law?

Are they not aware that students across the state walked out over common-sense legislation stating girls’ sports are only for biological girls?

Are they not aware that Waukee Elementary — ELEMENTARY — School is going to be discussing the importance of LGBTQ and gender-inclusive curriculum and classroom environments without allowing parents into the presentation?

Are they not aware teachers across the state are mocking concerns from parents over sexually explicit and pornographic materials being in school libraries?

Are they not aware teachers across the state are mocking legislators who have vowed to address the issue?

Are they not aware that students have been allowed to make out on stage during school hours in the school auditorium?

Are they not aware that flags promoting Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ are used to decorate many hallways and classrooms across the state?

Are they not aware that, more often than not, these sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate library books are remaining in school libraries?

Are they not aware that some teachers and schools will not tell a parent if a child has a preferred pronoun different than what is dictated by biology?

I hope not. I hope it is a case where legislators just do not know all of this is happening. I question how that’s possible, but I hope it is the case.


Because the alternative is that they do know and they are OK with it. Or they simply do not care. 

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. I think they do know, and they are okay with it, and they don’t care. As the Bible puts it, they are willfully ignorant or stupid on purpose. They, the RINO class, is part of it. So are many of the so-called “Christian” clergy with all their secret societies masquerading as followers of Christ. The spirit of Satan permeates our culture in every institution. This is the product of removing God from schools. We will have to get radical to get around this and stop it. Many will be offended. Someone will be offended but who do we want to offend, God or man? The fight in this war is for the next generation.

  2. I dare any of them to watch this 3 part series that documents the collusion between Marxist teachers, colleges that “award” educator degrees and the various unions and Department of Education to destroy the nuclear family and groom kids for pedophile teachers. If they remain unconcerned after watching these videos, then there is no other option than to call them out as EVIL. Freedom of Speech is NOT a license to psychologically destroy our kids and their futures.

    We the Parents must unite to remove all enablers from public/civil office with extreme prejudice

    ‘Groomer Schools 1: The Long Cultural Marxist History of Sex Education‘: https://youtu.be/tDEP0JGW3c8

    ‘Groomer Schools 2: Queer Futurity and the Sexual Abuse of Your Children‘: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OQL1Jja3p4

    ‘Groomer Schools 3: The Creation of an American Red Guard‘: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8pHloB5qb4


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