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One day into the first week of the 2022 legislative session and we are already declaring Iowa Senate President Jake Chapman the legislator of the week.

We do not need to see or hear what happens Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. It’s over. Chapman’s speech on Monday to his Senate colleagues earned this week’s honor.


The first week of session is pretty much all pomp and circumstance. Legislative leaders along with other Iowa dignitaries will deliver remarks. And usually, speeches shouldn’t be enough to earn an award.

After all, at this point, Republicans have had complete control of state government for five-plus years. The time for speeches is over. This is the time for results.

However, when the President of the Iowa Senate speaks as forcibly as Chapman did about an issue that many in the media — and those on the Left — do not understand, it’s noteworthy.

Chapman could have played it safe and delivered the sort of speech Republicans may typically give in circumstances like this.

But he wasted no time. For the last couple of months, he and Sen. Brad Zaun have led the charge against sexually explicit materials being in school libraries. Chapman has said he will do all he can to have legislation addressing the situation be considered in 2022.

And if his opening day remarks are any indicator, he isn’t kidding. Nor should he be.

If an adult cannot see the danger and harm posed by the images and passages from these books, that is really scary. There is already a movement in America to normalize “minor-attracted persons” — pedophilia. If we’re really going to pretend there is nothing wrong with books containing passages promoting or detailing pedophilia, well, maybe we aren’t as far away as we think we are from a society that recognizes pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

Trust me, there are people who want to see this happen.

And Chapman didn’t slip something into the end of his speech to make sure he touched on the issue. It wasn’t something he spoke out about because it is politically expedient. It was the first legislative topic he touched on in his remarks. And he let it fly. He certainly was not apologetic.

“Colleagues, the time has come for us to take a stand,” he said. “It has become increasingly evident that we live in a world in which many, including our media, wish to confuse, misguide and deceive us, calling good evil and evil good. One doesn’t have to look far to see the sinister agenda occurring right before our eyes. The attack on our children is no longer hidden. Those who wish to normalize sexually deviant behavior against our children, including pedophilia and incest, are pushing this movement more than ever before. Our children should be safe and free from this atrocious assault.”

Chapman said Iowa students should be learning about science and math, engineering and innovation.

“Instead, some teachers are disguising sexually obscene material as desired subject matter and profess it has artistic and literary value,” he said. “The literature being pushed on our students should disturb all of us and if you aren’t disturbed, I can only hope it is because you have not actually heard or seen the content.

“Nobody, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or occupation has the right to expose children to obscene material. It is for that reason that this body should use this session to address this very issue.”

That’s huge. That is a huge statement from the President of the Iowa Senate. And it is exactly the statement that needed to be made.

This sexual revolution in our schools has gone too far. And if the line is not drawn in the sand now, when will it be?

If parents are shown the images and read the passages from these books, there is no way more than 10-20 percent of them would be comfortable having those materials on the shelves in a school library.

And listen, despite the debauchery in these books peddled by “educators,” this isn’t necessarily an issue Republicans typically want to shout about.

While it is certainly the right thing to do, often Republicans — and especially those in leadership — lack the spine and the common sense to simply do the right thing.

But not Chapman. He didn’t hold back. He didn’t apologize. He went right after the problem.

And Senate Democrats were triggered.

“Iowa Senate President Jake Chapman’s opening day speech today he says press and teachers have ‘sinister agenda,'” said Sen. Joe Bolkcom. “Extreme Jake hurting Iowa.”

Bolkcom, of course, routinely calls the intentional taking of an unborn human’s life ‘health care’ and ‘normal.’

Yet Chapman is extreme.

Speaking of sinister agendas…

Iowa Senate Democrats made it a point to use Chapman’s defense of Iowa kids to raise money for their candidate challenging Chapman — Sen. Sarah Trone-Garriott, who is a “pastor” yet shared a Muslim prayer last year on the Senate floor.

We do not want to do this as often as it seems we have to, but every time someone decides to defend these books, we are going to offer folks an opportunity to see what these people are defending.

Be warned, the images are disturbing. If people really want to defend having a book with these images on the shelves in a school library, fine. But if they really want to champion these materials, why not be transparent? I hope that Trone-Garriott and the other Senate Democrats embracing this appalling “literature” have the guts to actually show moms and dads the photos they are supporting.

But I have a feeling they won’t. Same goes with the liberal Iowa media. Let’s not tell people about these photos and passages — let’s put it in front of them and let them be the judge using their own unique, individual standards.

If we do that, very few people will be defending the use of these materials in Iowa schools. Because there simply are not that many crazy people in Iowa.

It is clear the Left is targeting Chapman. If you want to support Sen. Chapman, visit his campaign website.

SHOCKING: Images from book ‘Gender Queer,’ which is stocked in school libraries across Iowa

Author: Jacob Hall


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