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Step 1: Read a headline.

Step 2: Read no further.

Step 3: Believe it.

Now you are a moron…

Now if you want to look like a total moronic political hack then follow step 4.


Step 4: Act on it.

As many of you know the speech made by State Senator Jake Chapman has created a lot of anxiety for people, except for those who read or heard his speech. Does everyone believe all cops are bad? Are all white people racist? Of course not, why would anyone think that Senator Chapman thinks all teachers are sinister? He doesn’t, he just thinks those who are promoting porn in our schools to our children are the sinister ones. So here is a good informative article. https://theiowastandard.com/legislator-of-the-week-sen-chapman-follows-through-on-prioritizing-innocence-safety-of-iowa-children/

We have a local company exploiting these people’s ignorance and lack of effort to read.

Now if you want to look like a porn hustler, follow step 5:

Step 5: Buy and wear one of these shirts.

Sadly, people are jumping on the bandwagon and buying these shirts and wearing them. Now for this local company, bravo you know how to make a buck on these people. That is the whole point of a business to make a product people will buy.

Now for those of you who just read the headline and believed it, you are thinking these people are champions and more power to them. To those of us who read the speech and know what he said, well here is how we read it. One says, “I’m a teacher and I am passionate about putting porn in front of our children,” and the other says, “I want our teachers to distribute porn to our children”.

For your own benefit, I encourage you to read beyond the headline. Remember, the media makes money with views. How do they get views, with click-bait… And again, bravo on them, they know how to make a headline gain traction and generate views. Remember they make money on every ad they stick in someone’s face. They don’t care who. Those who jump on just to read the headline for themselves or those who heard about it and go that can’t be right and actually read the whole story. Either way, they profited off you.

Just a final note, be aware, I and most other parents do expect our teachers to have some level of intellect. Otherwise, why would we want them to be teaching our kids? So, I’d rethink wearing one of these shirts out in public. Just saying…

Author: Serious Joe

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