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Please do not show children these images. These are intended for mature adults so that they understand know exactly what is in “Gender Queer,” a book in schools across Iowa.

Scroll down to see the images.

If you are not over 18 years old, please close the page.

Thank you.

You have heard what “Gender Queer” sounds like, now take a look at what the book looks like:

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  1. […] Kobabe — who identifies as nonbinary and uses gender-neutral pronouns e, em and eir — writes about eir adolescent confusion about gender matters and identity, and the comic does indeed include a scene depicting a "blowjob" — with a strap-on dildo, not a peener (If you want to see what rightwing parents are so upset about, the SHOCKING cartoon dildobeej and other illustrations are reproduced at this moral panic site). […]

  2. Out of all the pages you show, only two small panels show anything resembling sexual acts. None of the others are at all explicit, and every page you show is a common kind of experience and thought among people entering adulthood, which is why it is available in highschool libraries where late teens to early adults can read it.

  3. Yo! this book is literally cartoon porn. I wouldn’t want to see this in a school and I’m LGBTQ. Now I have seen books like this in a college book store and library. I think it would be more understanding, but an elementary, middle, or high school. NOPE!

  4. It’s really sad when we can’t even agree that we don’t need too sexualize our children. It won’t be long now before Pedophilia is normalized. This is just another step in normalizing sex for children.

  5. This book is not only disgusting, totally hideous to be in schools aimed at 4 – 8. Year olds, it is absolutely evil, Yes I said evil. This is not a partisan issue, or it shouldn’t be. This is not a religious nut conservative hate monger opinion. If we, as parents, grandparents or just concerned citizens don’t condemn this pornography in our schools, then evil has won. Please take this matter seriously.
    Susan Howard

  6. Your outrage at the expression of the author’s sexuality, as if it’s contagious, or even harmful, makes me wonder how afraid you are of your own sexuality. Grow up, none of this is is going to harm your children, certainly not as much as your repressive attitudes. SAD!

  7. You serious? This is the same thing as when the Catholic priests submitted material like this to groom children. Yes it will harm children because it does nothing but confuse them. Or confuse them even further. So sick of men who have no clue about the things they talk about. There is an incredibly disgusting book that should be banned.

  8. What’s crazy is that these images are quite mild compared to many I have seen from school library books.
    I can’t imagine why people are trying to defend having pornographic material in schools. Sexual assault was already bad enough in high schools 20 years ago, the last thing we need is for these adolescent children to spend time reading smut in the library and then going out around campus with this on their minds.
    It needs to be said that people supporting children reading porn in schools are some creepy kind of perverted sickos. They might even have a name for adults who want to sexually groom children…

  9. What’s crazy is Amazon. The reviews are really high and promote this insane book. I couldn’t sleep last night after seeing these clips. I’m really upset with Americans.

  10. This comment system is as trash as the author saying periods are for 18+ people. It’s obvious this book isn’t targeting kids though

  11. Well before I ever encountered gay porn or adult comics in high school, other little boys were calling me a fag and a cocksucker. I literally learned about gay sex in elementary school from being bullied by other kids, who learned about gay sex from their shitty homophobic parents.

    Y’all have no problem with kids knowing about sex. You just want them to feel shame about it.

  12. So we’re all supposed to be shocked? At what? Human sexuality? Do you people live your entire lives pretending this doesn’t happen? I’m thinking you do. Sad. You’re going to end up dying knowing you never had the courage to live an authentic life. Cowards.

  13. You think kids aren’t already experiencing these things in real life??
    This is an accurate portrayal of the struggle that a young person experiences coming to terms with a gender identity that is not what most of society tells you is “normal”.
    It’s a terribly alone feeling and this book does a good job of letting young people know that what they are experiencing is not sick or weird and that these is hope for them to live an honest life.
    I guarantee that finding this book could save someone’s life.


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