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***The Iowa Standard will spend the next few weeks highlighting some of the men and women running for office in Iowa we believe worthy of support. What do we mean? These individuals stand out in the field of candidates and all Iowans should consider helping their candidacy in some way, shape or form.***

Republican Iowa House candidate Eddie Andrews spoke during a Walk Away event in Johnston on Friday. Andrews is a bilingual pastor who is one of, if not the nicest, people you’ll ever encounter in politics.


“I grew up on the east side of Des Moines as a black guy, obviously, but those two stats put you in the assumption that you’re going to vote Democrat,” Andrews said. “We weren’t even a political family. It’s interesting how that happens. We didn’t even talk about politics regularly as a family. You just were expected to be Democrats because everybody in this neighborhood votes Democrats and all those other guys are crazy.

“And then I grew up pretty much. I just saw that it didn’t make sense. I too voted for Bill Clinton a long time ago. It’s true though, some of the best Republicans ever were Democrats – Ronald Reagan, Mike Pence, Condi Rice. It’s OK. It’s OK now.”

Andrews said, “you just have to embrace it and not be ashamed.”

“Let’s not walk on tippy-toes,” Andrews said. “Yes, I am a conservative. What I’ve also done is put the question back on them.”

When asked why he’s a Republican, Andrews often asks the other person why they are a Democrat.

“You know all this stuff about the criminal justice reform that you want to do, you know that Joe Biden wrote that, right?” Andrews said. “He’s literally the only guy who is still bragging about that. So, if you ask them, you’ll find that their answers often are empty.”

Andrews said he doesn’t know how his election will turn out, but he knows he is being well received. And he’s running as an unashamed conservative.

“I’ve had a lot of people say ‘well, why are you saying the word conservative? Just put your stuff out.’ No, I want people to know that yes, I am a conservative and this is why,” Andrews said. “Sometimes people just say, ‘well just say the issues and don’t tell them what party you are or what your philosophy is.’ Well, I don’t believe that. That’s where you have the opening. Let’s talk about it and you can make the call from there.”

Andrews said he has built an “eclectic” blend of supporters through that strategy. He has seen his signs next to President Trump signs, Joe Biden signs, Jo Jorgenson signs and now a Yeezy 2020 (Kanye West) sign.

“We’re moving some of those guys to Trump too, but the point is you have to talk to those guys,” Andrews said. “You have to present the case. If you can make the case, they may not like Donald Trump right now, but if they’re listening and they like you and they know you’ll stand for what’s right and you’re listening to them, that’s the first step.”

In the opportunities I have been able to speak with Eddie, I have found him to be more than a nice guy. I have found Eddie to be 100 percent authentic.

Now, more than personality, I am convinced that Eddie is where he needs to be on the issues. Personality never trumps policy. Eddie has the policy chops.

But what Eddie offers that oftentimes a candidate may lack is an incredible personality. He is passionate, he is sincere and he is positive.

When you walk away from a conversation with Eddie, you walk away feeling more upbeat and optimistic than you were before. You walk away thinking, ‘You know what, if I ever need a babysitter and I’m near Johnston, I’ll just call up Eddie.’

He has those intangibles that you cannot teach, but you know them when you see them.

Eddie Andrews would be an incredible addition to the Republican caucus of the Iowa House. He deserves any support Iowans are willing to throw his way. The Iowa Standard encourages Iowans to reach out to Eddie and see how they can help his campaign.

Visit Eddie’s Facebook page here

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Author: Jacob Hall


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