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I have a niece who, when she was six, said, “Mommy, those people have low standards.”  If she were still six these days, she’d be really upset because, everywhere you turn, people are trying to lower standards.

A Minnesota middle school abolished failing grades. No more “F’s” because they are systemically racist. However, I submit to you that coddling students is not the best way to prepare for them the school of hard knocks. But the idea is picking up steam, especially in California.

The Arlington County School Board in Virginia wants to abolish the grading of homework because minority students supposedly don’t have the resources to complete their assignments. Which doesn’t make any sense, because Arlington hands out free laptops to students. Moreover, it didn’t take a lot of resources for the math class to succeed in the movie ‘Stand and Deliver’ which was based on a true story. All it took was a dedicated teacher with a vision and students willing to try. Arlington’s move is based on “implicit bias” theory which, although it snookered Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, is a house of cards when you start looking into it. It all started with a science experiment showing white people have infinitesimally delayed reaction times when shown pictures of black people in distress. From that slender reed, the entire cottage industry of implicit bias theory was born. How stupid is that. It’s never been shown that association tests like this can predict real-world behavior.

Turning to higher education, accrediting bodies for medical schools have proclaimed that “individualism and meritocracy” are “malignant narratives” that “create harm” and, proclaimed further that race has “no genetic or scientific basis.”  The proclamations were made in the interest of “advancing health equity”.  Critics warn the new approach will turn doctors into unqualified quacks who will miss diagnoses and not order tests because they mistakenly believe racial differences play no role in susceptibility to certain diseases.

Classics majors at Princeton will no longer have to be proficient in Latin and Greek to graduate. The argument is not that the languages have become superfluous. Instead, the argument is that lowering the standard would undo systemic racism and promote equity. Not to be left out, the English Department at Rutgers just emancipated students from traditional English grammar.  The Department made the move in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and out of the belief dumbing down grammar standards is the “way to contribute to the eradication of systemic inequities facing black, indigenous, and people of color.”


I can’t think of anything more racist than telling people they’re too stupid to succeed because they’re a certain color.

Moreover, I can’t take all this talk about how lowering education standards supposedly helps minorities seriously. This is because I know there are government documents laying out a deliberate plan to dumb down America. There are people who are trying to make Americans stupid compliant sheep and wards of the state run by wannabe masters of the universe. It’s all laid out in a book by the woman who found the documents. The book is entitled “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” and the author is Charlotte Iserbyt who worked in the federal Department of Education where she found the documents.

How are lower standards good for anybody?  Anyone with any sense can see they’re not.  If a six-year-old can see it, why can’t you?

I’ll have more to say about the phony systemic racism narrative tomorrow.

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