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***The Iowa Standard is laying out in detail, one at a time, how Dordt University is falling away from its foundations. As one person put it, the founders of Dordt are likely rolling over in their graves. Recent changes in leadership — President Erik Hoekstra and Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart — have led to a strong liberal bend at the college.***

Jemar Tisby has presented multiple times at Dordt University. Tisby is infamous for saying things like the American church is built on white supremacy, after Trump was elected he didn’t feel safe worshipping with white people, churches should pay reparations and much, much more.

“Here it is, just the raw honest truth. I really, this Sunday, don’t feel safe worshiping with white people. Right now I feel betrayed by the church. I know for certain, that in many of the congregations I’ve been a member or worshipped in, there are folks who were overtly, outright, boldly Trump supporters who are happy right now. And I cannot emotionally bring myself to be comfortable with that.”

“Many Christian schools, particularly in the south, were explicitly created to preserve racial segregation in an era of court-ordered desegregation.”

“Admit the American church was built on white supremacy.”

Tisby is referred to as a “political race-hustler.” He’s also been called an “evangelical subversive.” And for good reason.

One article refers to Tisby as a new breed of Al Sharptons. A race-hustling scholar interested in shaping and twisting narratives to lay the groundwork for a fundamentally Marxist transformation of American culture.

“As the infiltration of religious institutions continue to progress, church watchmen have been caught off guard,” an article states.

This is fair. For many churchgoers (and in this case supporters of Dordt), there hasn’t been the need to keep up on what is happening because the leaders of these institutions have been sound. But that is no longer so.

Now it is more important than ever for individuals to know what is happening at the institutions they support. Becuase the liberal infiltration is undeniable.

It is interesting that the excuse for having someone like Tisby speak is because of the “racial divide” in the nation. Yet when people like Tisby continually espouse ideas like those above, how can we expect to not have a “racial divide.”

So, they justify their existence by perpetuating the problem they pretend to be interested in solving.

Another article points out the fact Tisby is a leading advocate of Marxist ideology — namely Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory teaches institutional racism exists “within every structure of society” and the structures are designed to protect and preserve “white supremacy” in culture. Critical Race Theory doesn’t rely on facts or stats, or objective evidence. It is all about anecdotal evidence, personal experience and feelings.

Tisby wrote an article calling on Christian leaders to check their own yearbooks for past racist actions after Ralph Northam’s blackface incident.

Tisby wrote, “what would a yearbook audit of today’s prominent Christian leaders reveal? Have megachurch pastors, seminary presidents, committee heads, authors, professors, missionaries or theologians painted their faces black in a degrading pantomime of black people? Have they associated with people who flaunt racial bigotry? Do they have embarrassing racist incidents that they hope no one discovers?

“Given the close associations with segments of the American church and racism, the answer to tehse questions is almost certainly yes.”

Tisby, of course, authored a book called The Color of Compormise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism.”

Tisby has also taken it upon himself to rewrite the Bible…

Keep in mind, this isn’t an accident. This isn’t an isolated incident. We told you about the speaker headed to Dordt this October — the author of a book about how white evangelicals “corrupted a faith” and “fractured a nation.”

We told you about the speaker at Dordt last year who said American exceptionalism is a myth. And she added that in America, you can be a good white Christian and hate your neighbor.

As you will see, it is an undeniable pattern of the leftist influence being pushed on the Dordt students under the leadership of President Hoekstra and Aaron Baart.


Author: Jacob Hall