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***This is the next part of a lengthy series exposing the undeniable falling away from Dordt University’s biblical roots. We have examined the ‘Christian thought leaders’ Dordt is proudly having speak on campus. We also exposed how Chief of Staff and Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart is pushing a radical Leftist agenda. Baart, along with President Erik Hoekstra, have led Dordt down the road away from basic, biblical belief and toward a much more secular worldview. Previous stories are included at the end of this edition.***

The Iowa Standard obtained a copy of the syllabus for a class called “Diversity and Inequality” at Dordt University. According to the syllabus, the class will hear from guest speaker Jay Kahl today (Oct. 13).

The class last met on Oct. 8 when it discussed “sexuality,” according to the syllabus. Kahl has spoken multiple times before at Dordt.

In 2014, TPS Oasis (the LGBTQ-promoting group), announced it was “privileged” to welcome Kahl.

In 2017, Kahl returned to Dordt to speak to a “standing-room only” crowd, according to the campus newspaper. The student paper reported that Kahl was born intersexed (with DNA 75 percent male and 25 percent female).

Kahl grew up “thinking like a male but raised as a female,” the Dordt Diamond said. He wore a bright pink shirt with orange letters that read, “equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you — it’s not pie.”

According to the report, Kahl wrote 19 names on the whiteboard before beginning his presentation. Each name matched a personality in his head. The list included Joni, J, JD, McKay, Becca, Steven, Faith, Barry and Cliff.

Today marks at least the third time Kahl will address Dordt students.

After obtaining the course syllabus from concerned Dordt parents, The Iowa Standard did a Facebook search for Kahl, who certainly appears to be another liberal activist who pushes the LGBTQ agenda.

Interestingly, Kahl takes plenty of shots at churches and Christianity.

“Taking moral lessons from millenia-old texts is like taking medical advice from an alchemist,” said a post shared by Kahl in reference to the Bible.

In another interesting twist, Kahl appears displeased about people who “bitch” about paying for birth control because it goes against their religious beliefs. Dordt literally sued the federal government over the contraceptive mandate in ObamaCare.

Less than 10 days after hosting the anti-Trump author who wrote “Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation,” Dordt is now hosting another anti-Trumper.

Professor Tara Boer teaches the class. She was credited in 2017 by the student paper for making a “good call” in bringing in Jay Kahl.

“I think because Jay was born intersex, it shows the complexity some people have,” Boer said. “We can’t always put people in a box, it’s not all black and white…Having Jay on campus is a unique experience that always creates great dialogue with the students.”

Kahl was credited with creating “great dialogue,” which the paper says he might’ve termed “fighting stupid.”

“There’s nothing wrong with ignorance (which is just ‘lack of knowledge’),” he said. “The bad part is to stay in that ignorance when you know there’s knowledge to be gained.”


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Author: Jacob Hall