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There is no overflow of conservatism within the Republican caucus of the Iowa House. Despite holding a majority in the chamber, the House hasn’t been reliable in terms of advancing conservatism.

It isn’t for a lack of trying, though. There are certainly some strong conservatives in the Iowa House — one of which is Rep. Skyler Wheeler.

Full disclosure, Rep. Wheeler is my representative and I helped him when he ran for office in 2016. We also coached one of the best Little League teams in history in 2017.

As someone who lives in Sioux County, where more than 80 percent of voters picked Donald J. Trump in 2016, I recognize that our job isn’t just to send a Republican to the Iowa House, it is to send a conservative champion to Des Moines.

Similar to how the Fourth Congressional District routinely sent Steve King to Congress, the Iowa House Fourth District should send someone who will be a true conservative and not simply go along to get along or fall in line all the time when leadership comes calling.

Rep. Wheeler is one of the most conservative members of the Iowa House. Life, religious liberty and limited government are foundational to his beliefs.

There is no doubt that Rep. Wheeler deserves to be re-elected. He is the ideal representative for Sioux County and for Iowa House District 4.

For more information on Rep. Wheeler’s candidacy, visit here.

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Author: Jacob Hall